Launch of 17 Looms marks Pinkvilla’s debut in the world of Fashion

Launch of 17 Looms marks Pinkvilla’s debut in the world of Fashion

With the launch of 17 Looms, Pinkvilla, the global lifestyle and entertainment content powerhouse, steps foot into the dynamic and dazzling fashion sector. 17 Looms, Crafted by Pinkvilla will focus on the rich textile legacy of India and will bring to life creations stemming from these rich traditions. Nandini Shenoy, CEO & Founder, of Pinkvilla, was compelled to conceive 17 Looms after being deeply moved by the stories and elegance of traditional Indian textiles she encountered in her trip to Jaipur.

"The brand name is inspired by the auspicious number 17, which signifies enlightenment—a sentiment I was overcome with while experiencing the charm of traditional craftsmanship in India," explains Nandini. She adds "Looms" honors the traditional tools that were crucial to the production process of textiles for centuries and form an imperative part of the Indian textile legacy. In addition, the conception of 17 Looms comes on the momentous occasion of the completion of 17 years of Pinkvilla.”

While outlining her vision for 17 Looms, Nandini shares, "As 17 Looms embarks on this thrilling journey, it aims to be more than just an apparel brand. It intends to be a stage enhancing global accessibility of Indian textile heritage thereby empowering and nurturing the artisans and their communities working relentlessly to uphold and preserve these revered traditions."

Every collection that 17 Looms releases will be built upon the three pillars of the brand - empowering individuality, embracing cultural legacy, and enabling artisan triumph. Thus, setting the tone for an exciting journey ahead, promising a tasteful blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Furthermore, 17 Looms, Crafted by Pinkvilla collection it launches. Keep an eye out for the Amara collection, slated to launch in the summer of 2024, which will bring to life the renowned Jaipur hand-block printing art form.

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