Types of Shoes to Wear with a Short Dress for Stepping Out in Style

Types of Shoes to Wear with a Short Dress for Stepping Out in Style

Short dresses are all-time favorites. However, to step out like a style maestro, you must throw in the right pair of shoes. When we say shoes, we refer to sneakers, loafers, bellies, wedges, or even stilettos, as they are solely responsible for personifying your look of the day. Whether casual, dressy, or too glamorous, what shoes to wear with a short dress is no mystery. All you need is a knack for making an apt choice, considering your personality, occasion, dress type, color combination, comfort levels, and season.  

With the rising popularity of short dresses, the urge to find your happy feet’s ideal match can be overwhelming. Being exposed to an array of footwear patterns, designs, textures, and types, including sandals, heels, and boots to wear with a short dress, styling confusion can persist. Don’t fret! We will walk you through a fanciful style guide that will not only help you make a spellbound statement but also upgrade your OOTD by several notches. 

What Is a Short Dress?


A mini dress is often referred to as a short dress that sits at your mid-thighs. It can be form-fitting or baggy, featuring a bodacious fit or a breezy flare. Despite being short in length, it is a reliable choice for gala events, casual occasions, picnics, late-night parties, or dates, considering that you team it with the right pair of comfortable shoes. 

Shoes to Wear with Short Dresses 

Shoes largely determine your posture and body language — the two aspects that scream your personality out loud. To cast lasting impressions, consider the below shoe types to complete your attire: 


Ballet Flats


Ballet flats are one of the most practical footwear to team with your short dress. You can wear them for casual outings or fun events. Plus, they are a reliable choice to be worn while traveling. Easy-to-wear and comfortable, ballet flats or ballerinas are timeless and never go out of fashion. 





Seeking for an extra dose of sportiness? Sneakers are the way to go! They are the perfect picks to dress down your short dress and keep your fit looking chic and casual. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, styling them with your little dress is a no-brainer activity. Wear white sneakers for travel exploration or a casual party, they are comfortable, versatile, and highly fashionable.


Knee-high Boots



Knee-high boots all together have a distinctive charm. They are the best type of shoes to wear with a short dress in winter due to their pattern and overall construction. Honestly, if you have mastered the art of layering your short dress, then knee-high boots will amplify the beauty of your LOTD. And, even if you want to dress up your shorty for a not-so-formal event, then boots are your go-to companions to play around with skin-and-clothing proportions. The best part of knee-high boots is their classic timelessness that lends you an equestrian, smart look. 





Hearing your heels click on the floor sounds like power, isn’t it? The due credit goes to stilettoes that make you look a lot more appealing and your short dress fancier. Additionally, they make your legs appear elongated and your appearance slimmer and well-toned. While your short dress may accentuate your curves, high heels make you feel confident! Perfect to be worn for parties and high-glam events, stilettos deserve appraisals! 




Vintage, contemporary, and classic — wedges are loved by many and yearned by all for their casual charm and aesthetic appeal! Let us tell you that wedges and short dresses are an old-school pair that makes one look ultra-chic. They complement every day time or evening look depending upon your personal taste and way of styling. 


Ankle Boots

The ideal formula to style all of your short hemline dresses is by rounding them off with ankle boots. Such boots juxtapose the natural beauty of your mini dress and make you look even more adorable. Ankle boots work wonders on those who have a petite frame, making them look taller and smarter. Apart from that, when you want to add a rugged touch to your fit, pulling in such types of boots requires minimal energy. 



Stylish, comfortable, and trendy — slingbacks are sheer beauties. They make you look a lot dressier regardless of the heel height. In case you are wondering how to dress up or down, these shoes will resolve your styling woes to help you set stunning cues. They neither make you look casual nor high-on fashion. The fine line that exists between formal and informal is where the beauty of slingback shoes lies. Wear them to events, casual outings, and get-togethers to express your style with ease.  



Loafers and a short dress are a huge hit. You can wear it for formal or casual settings. They complement each other beautifully without making you compromise on style, trend, or comfort. Loafers add a touch of uniqueness to your overall attire and usually range from light tan to dark chestnut colors. They make you look smart and are also easy to take on and off. Be it summer or spring, loafers in a neutral color deserve some place in your shoe rack, just like white shoes. 



Wish for an extra height but aren’t comfortable wearing heels for a prolonged period of time? Fret not! Platforms are the answers to your woes. Due to their broader base, they offer more stability and comfort while you walk. For an additional pronounced arch, platforms emphasize the height differential between the front and back of the foot, making them a breeze to walk in. Just like heels, they also make you appear taller and your profile slimmer. You can wear it on special occasions as well as casual get-togethers for that final on-fleek touch. 


Flat Sandals



Sandals are highly versatile. They come in plenty of colors and styles to ease the look of your short dress. For everyday wear or a casual daytime look, you consider pairing your dress with flat or low-heeled sandals whereas, for nighttime parties or gatherings, you can rely on strappy sandals to look a little dressier. All in all, sandals regardless of their type are the go-to choice, promising unparalleled comfort.


It’s no surprise that almost all types of comfortable shoes, heels, and sandals jam well with a midi or mini dress, mini skirt, floral dress, or slip dress. Honestly, the best shoes to wear with a short dress are the comfortable ones that will not only help you ace the styling game like a pro but also make you look like a true fashionista. 


Short dresses do have their very own charm but it's the pair of shoes that multiply their beauty and reflect your personal style. All you need to consider is the color of your outfit, the tone of your accessories, the kind of occasion you wish to flaunt it on, and the weather outside. With all these factors on your mind, nothing can stop you from putting your best foot forward with pride and confidence. 


For a flattering silhouette, spruce up your layering statements, accessorize yourself with jewelry, carry on an alluring handbag, and let your hair and makeup game be on point. Once you rock this attire, your life will be easier when choosing the right shoes to wear with a short dress. 


What kind of shoes pair well with a short dress?

Shoes like ballerinas, wedges, stilettos, sneakers, strappy sandals, and knee-high boots look great when paired with a short dress like a mini or midi.

How does one choose the correct shoe style for a short dress?

Make sure you consider your comfort levels, season, and occasion. Then, ask yourself whether you wish to dress up or down. For casual looks, rely on sneakers or flats. On the other hand, heels and fancy wedges are best to be worn at parties or glam events. 

Is it okay to wear sneakers with a short dress?

Yes, of course, you can wear sneakers with a short dress to let your attire look chic, sleek, and casual. 

Are there types of shoe styles to avoid with a short dress?

You can wear all types of shoe styles with a short dress. Just avoid a clash of colors. 

Can one wear boots with a short dress?

Yes, one can wear knee-high or ankle boots with a short dress to look chic and sassy. 

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