Wash And Care Guide to Retain the Beauty of Hand-block Print Garments

Wash And Care Guide to Retain the Beauty of Hand-block Print Garments

Block printing is an exquisite form of local art that carries a rich cultural significance right from the ancient era. The distinctive appeal of the hand-block print fabrics lies in its extensive manufacturing process, involving a skilled workforce. Given the meticulous and rigorous production of block print garments, it is crucial to handle them with extra care.


Handcrafted fabrics undergo an intensive manufacturing cycle and hence, you need to be especially mindful of the wash and care instructions for hand-block print garments to retain the integrity of the ink and fabric. Moreover, to preserve the charm of the print and address common concerns about fading, proper washing is of due importance.


As long as you are equipped with all the tips to take care of your printed apparel, preserving its color vibrancy can be a matter of minutes. Whether it is about pre-wash considerations, hand washing, machine washing, or dealing with stains, we have got you covered. Let’s dive into the essential tips for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your favorite hand-block print garments.


Step-by-step Hand-block Print Garments’ Wash And Care Guide


First and foremost, understand that block printing is an age-old printing technique that involves intricate carving on the wooden block, dyeing, and imprinting. Before washing the garment, there are several factors to consider and steps to follow to maintain the original condition of the fabric.

Pre-wash Considerations

1. Color Fastness: To avoid color fading of the print or bleeding, soak the fabric in a blend of cold water and salt for at least half an hour before washing. This mixture fortifies the colors and minimizes the possibility of transfer. 


2. Wash Them Separately: Consider soaking your garment separately, especially if you are washing it for the first time. During the manufacturing process, dyes are used extensively; hence, they are likely to release a small amount of color. You can either wash them separately or with identical shades. 


3. Handle with Care: Block-printed garments are extremely delicate and need careful treatment. Avoid vigorous rubbing, wringing, or twisting as it may hamper the quality of the fabric and jeopardize the intricate prints. 

How to Wash Your Hand-block Print Garments at Home? 


You can wash your hand-block print garments at home using two techniques — hand washing and machine washing. 


  • Hand Washing

  • Hand washing is the most preferred method to wash block-printed fabrics, considering its production process. Here is how you can hand wash your garments: 


    1. Fill half of the bucket with lukewarm water. 
    2. Pour a coin-sized amount of a gentle (preferably pH-neutral) detergent into the water.
    3. Begin agitating the water to create suds.
    4. Immerse the fabric into the water. 
    5. Gently swirl it around.
    6. Refrain from scrubbing or wringing the fabric.
    7. Rinse the garment thoroughly with cold water until the detergent is fully removed.

    1. Machine Washing 


      Machine washing doesn’t require much effort. Although, it is less time-consuming, ensure that you choose the most gentle cycle of the machine. Use a non-enzyme or a non-biological washing powder or liquid. Avoid tumble drying. Once the machine cycle is complete, pull your garment to shape and dry it inside out.  


      How Effective is Dry Cleaning for Hand-block Print Garments?



      Another effective method to keep your hand-block print garments in good condition is dry cleaning. Professional dry-cleaning aids in preserving the fabric and colors of the garment without causing any damage or bleeding of color. It involves the usage of special solvents instead of water to clean the fabric and hence, it is particularly ideal for delicate and meticulously crafted printed textiles. 


      How to Care for Hand-block Print Garments Post Washing? 


      Once you are done washing your garment, consider the following: 


    3. Drying Hand-block Print Garments

    4. To squeeze out excess water, avoid wringing or twisting the fabric. This can distort the print and pattern of the fabric. To absorb water and soak moisture, press the fabric between two clean towels with gentle hands. 

      1. Lay the fabric flat on a clean towel.
      2. Hang it on a drying rack and let it dry gently under a fan. 
      3. Place the drying garment in a shaded area.
      4. Do not dry them under direct sunlight.
      5. Avoid using a dryer.

    5. Ironing And Steaming


      With extra care, you can iron or steam your block-printed garment. Take note of the following points: 

      1. Set your iron to a low or medium heat setting.
      2. Iron the fabric on the inverse side of the print.
      3. Place a thin cotton cloth on top of your garment as this will protect the prints.
      4. Avoid using excessive steam.

    7. Storing Hand-block Print Garments

      Once the fabric is neatly ironed, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep white or any light-colored garments away from the garments in darker shades.


    9. Dealing with Stains

    10. Avoid rubbing the fabric harshly. Follow the steps given below while being gentle: 


      1. Use a moderate stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and cool water.
      2. Apply the mixture or soapy solution to the stained place. 
      3. Gently blot with a smooth material.


      After following these wash and care instructions for hand-block print garments, your clothes will remain in excellent condition for a prolonged time. Additionally, with proper drying techniques and storage solutions, you can retain their beauty and charm for years.

      Shedding light on the significance of hand-block prints as an integral part of Indian textile heritage, 17 Looms, through its Amara collection, showcases the dedication of local artisans who utilize traditional printing techniques to uphold the authenticity and quality of fabric. 

      Their intricate designs allow you to embrace the quality of fabric as a whole. If you are a proud owner of any hand-block printed garments, you should pen down these essential tips. Your gentle care and handling will increase the longevity of the apparel and maintain its appeal. 

      Pre-washing will seamlessly get shrinkage out of the way while hand washing will ensure that the intricate prints and detailing will look the same after washing multiple times. All in all, handcrafted printed garments are like babies — offer them special care and tackle them with gentle hands! 


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