What Shoes to Wear with a Floral Dress? Things to Consider

What Shoes to Wear with a Floral Dress? Things to Consider

Despite floral dresses being an extremely popular, versatile, and common wardrobe staple for decades after decades, figuring out what shoes to wear with a floral dress can still be quite a pill for many. Now, while it is true that you can’t just wear any shoes with a floral dress and call it a day, picking the right footwear doesn’t have to be that difficult, either. For this, you need no more apparatus than a basic eye for fashion.

Before you scroll away and read this article further, consider looking at your floral dress first and try to remember what lured you into buying it. What Pinterest board-like picture did the dress paint with you wearing it? Once you have a clear picture in mind, implementing the below-mentioned points will become very easy, and you’ll immediately know what kind of shoes you must go for. Ready? Let’s take a look at the following fashion guide!


Things to Consider When Pairing Shoes with a Floral Dress


When it comes to picking the right shoes, floral dresses can be tricky to work with as they have a lot going on design-wise. However, if you consider the following points, you’ll be able to pair your dress with the perfect shoes, ensuring that the overall ensemble goes easy on the eyes.

1. Color Combination


The color of your footwear should either be the same as your dress or should complement it very well. Floral dresses are usually very colorful, which makes it difficult to pick the right color for your shoes. The right approach here is to determine the main color of the dress; this color lies underneath the floral patterns as a canvas, or the motifs themselves — whichever of the two looks more vibrant and stands out. Pick footwear that is of the same main color as the dress.
Determining the main color in some floral dresses may not be easy — and that’s when neutral-colored shoes come to the rescue. Is your floral dress mostly dark in color? Then a pair of black, mahogany, umber, or cocoa-colored shoes would look best with it. Similarly, if your floral dress is mostly light or medium in color, then shades like beige, taupe, cream, khaki, or camel brown would look great.
If you wish to pull off shoes of a color that contrasts with your dress to make a bold statement, consider picking a complementary hue on the color wheel — eg., blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow, etc. However, be mindful that this look would call for a lot of attention, and may be overwhelming for many people’s tastes.

2. Length And Shape of the Dress


Let’s talk about the length first. As long dresses end around the ankles, we must wear sleek and subtle footwear to prevent the ankle area from looking cluttered and clumsy. On the other extreme, we must pair a mini dress with profound and visible footwear such as high-top sneakers or boots to prevent the legs from looking too bare and scanty. Midi and knee-length dresses call for more medium-sized footwear that neither becomes invisible nor fights for attention.
Now, the length of the dress alone doesn’t determine the overall look as its shape, cut, and silhouette influence it heavily. The rule of thumb here is to balance out the visual proportions, and not leave any area too cluttered or bare. For example, a floral dress with a slit-open front can benefit from intricate footwear such as gladiator sandals. A slim-fitted slip dress would look better with open-toed flats compared to chunky shoes. You get the drill! With this, you can confidently leave the rest of the pairing to your judgment.

3. Occasion


It is no rocket science that the floral dress and shoes that you’re opting for should not only complement each other but also the occasion you’re wearing them for. While shoes such as sneakers, ballerinas, espadrilles, etc. would be preferable for casual occasions, strappy flats and heels would be more suitable for fancier occasions.

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of pairing the right shoe with the right dress, let us look into the types of shoes that would look amazing with floral dresses.


Shoe Ideas That Perfectly Match Floral Dresses


The following are a few types of shoes to wear with a floral dress.


1. Basketweave Wedges



A match as good as PB and J, you can find basketweave wedges with a floral dress aesthetic almost everywhere on the internet — Pinterest, Instagram, eCommerce fashion websites, reels — you name it! This pair is as delightful to the eyes as flowers arranged in a basket.

These shoes complement floral dresses quite well, with a pop of color and vibrancy from the floral motifs and the neutralizing texture of the wedges. Besides, wedges are quite comfortable to wear and blend with the summer-spring vibe of the dress.

2. Tie-up Sandals/Gladiators



Open-toed and strappy sandals such as gladiators and tie-up footwear give a cottagecore flair to floral dresses, which is a little too easy on the eyes! These gems elongate your stance and add a sultry twist to your aesthetic without taking the focus away from the dress. 

And, if your floral dress has a loose, breezy, and relaxed vibe (which most of them have), the grip of these sandals adds a balancing contrast to the look. Bonus — both gladiators and tie-up sandals are quite breathable, and provide just the right look for your summer OOTD!

3. Sneakers


Unlike a decade ago, wearing sneakers with a dress is not only embraced in 2020s fashion but is quite in vogue! Sneakers add playfulness to typically feminine floral dresses and take its “urban quotient” up a few notches. 

Speaking of self-expression, the dress with sneakers look is a relatable style for most women — plus, quite comfortable and functional! In contrast to long dresses, sneakers look great with midi, mini, or knee-length dresses as they offer perfect proportions! In fact, a colorful mini dress with floral prints and white sneakers makes for the perfect Pinterest look for a casual summer day. 


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4.  Knee-high Boots


The thing about tall boots is that they can either help you embrace your inner country-dweller or take the urbanness of your look to the next level — it all depends on the style. And, when paired with a floral dress, knee-high boots always ought to be in style! The combination is like a marriage of autumn with spring — and it looks amazing! 

These Western boots also add some sturdiness to overly flared A-line dresses for a balanced look. While also boosting one’s confidence, these boots reach where your mini dress can’t, providing a touch of modesty. Such boots also add a touch of elegance to a floral dress and are the perfect match for a winter wardrobe!

5. Ankle Boots


Wish to wear a longer dress? In that case, ankle boots can provide the same flair and edginess as tall boots, while still allowing the dress to be the point of focus. Specifically, look for clog boots or Chelsea boots in soft, neutral colors like taupe, khaki, or camel brown, so that the boots don’t overpower the look of your dress. Wearing a dark-colored dress with a black leather jacket? Then black ankle boots it is!

6. Pumps


If there must be one kind of footwear that looks good with all kinds of dresses — or actually, all kinds of outfits, it has to be pumps. And, floral dresses love pumps! If your floral dress is more fitted and structured — without any frills or fuss — then a pair of solid-colored pumps can do wonders for the look! Want to look taller? Opt for translucent or lucite heels as they make your legs appear longer and your silhouette more defined! However, with floral print dresses, avoid pairing pointed-toe pumps as they don’t complement each other well.

7. Open-toed Flats



Like strappy rope sandals and gladiators, most open-toed flats look great with floral dresses, as they complement their breezy summer vibe without overpowering. Such sandals may have criss-cross, back-strap, or ankle-strap detailings, or they may be sliders in which you can simply slip your feet through. These flat sandals are quite versatile and blend in with the look of the dress without standing out awkwardly. And, if the color of your flats matches the main color of your dress, then nothing like it!

8. Ballerinas/Espadrilles



Closed-toed flats such as ballerinas or espadrilles are a young girl’s go-to choice for every outfit — and floral dresses are no exception to this. These flats neutralize the aesthetic of floral dresses that have a lot of ruffles and drama going on while adding an urban touch to the look. Ideally, these flats are best worn with a midi floral dress, but they work alright with a maxi dress, too, given that it is styled properly. For an enhanced casual element, opt for loafers in place of espadrilles. 


By now, you may have understood the do’s of wearing shoes with a floral dress. Scroll away to learn about its don’ts in the following guide.


Footwear Mistakes to Avoid with Floral Dresses


1. Overly Pointy Shoes

Many people make this mistake — but truth be told — pointy shoes look very odd and disproportionate with floral dresses. Think about this — floral dresses are plush with dainty motifs, have a relaxed and breezy look, and take up space. On the other hand, pointy shoes are narrow, restrictive, and more appropriate for work-related or glamorous occasions. Hence, the combination of the two looks rather odd and not quite visually pleasing. 


2. Color-blocked Athletic Shoes

While we certainly recommend sneakers with floral dresses, athletic shoes such as cleats, running shoes, hiking boots, etc. are an absolute no-no! Such shoes are highly attention-grabbing, especially the ones with color-blocked designs — and look cluttered and messy when worn with a floral dress. 

3. Anything Metallic

Unless your floral dress itself is metallic — which is more common in red carpet or fashion ramp-level designs than casual outfits — metallic shoes are off-limits! And the reason is obvious. Imagine wearing a flowy cotton dress covered in bright daffodil motifs with a pair of silver-toned sandals! Appalling, isn’t it? Even if these two were to be Altair and Vega, there’s no way they could be placed together!

4. Shoes That Require Socks

Louisa Clark from Me Before You isn’t a character known for her taste in fashion, and if you pair shoes AND socks with your floral dress, then you wouldn’t be either! The idea here is to simply keep your ensemble clutter-free. So, no shoes with socks, please!

By knowing what shoes to wear with a floral dress and what to avoid, you are quite sorted with your outfit choice for most dates, brunches, and casual outings, especially for spring and summer months! Floral dresses are quite a staple in women’s fashion, and have always boomeranged back in style every three to four years — so, you know they’re not a fleeting fad, and having appropriate shoes to go with them is a must! Once you get a nack of styling these dresses, this guide won’t seem as overwhelming as it may seem now. While we recommend following these fashion hacks, ensure you don’t forget to enjoy the process, as fashion, after all, is about having fun!


Is it okay to wear a floral dress to a wedding?

Absolutely! In fact, weddings are among the most common and ideal occasions to wear a floral dress — whether you are a bridesmaid or a guest. 

Is it okay to wear boots with a floral dress?

Yes, if you pair them well. However, you cannot just wear any kind of boots with a floral dress. Slim knee-high boots or ankle-length Chelsea boots are the most ideal to go with floral dresses. Avoid boots that are too bulky or comprise snakeskin textures or too many patterns. 

What shoe styles should I avoid when wearing a floral dress?

Avoid wearing shoes that are either too pointy or overly bulky, such as running shoes, climbing boots, dad shoes, etc. Also, avoid shoes that don’t color-coordinate well with the dress or don’t blend seamlessly with the length and shape of the dress.

What shoes to wear with a white floral dress?

Taupe, beige, camel brown, tan, khaki, and even white shoes go quite well with a white floral dress, assuming that white is the only color in the dress. 

What color shoes to wear with a black floral dress?

Black on black always looks great, and floral dress shoes are no exception to this. In fact, if the floral dress is entirely black in color, then no other color would work for shoes.

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